Monday, September 9, 2013


We received some devastating news last week...

Lera is not actually available to be adopted until February 2014!  

If you want to adopt an orphan they first have to be registered at the DAP for in country adoption only, for one year. Then after the year is up, if they are not adopted, then DAP will open up the child's file for international adoption. Apparently, she wasn't put on the registry to be adopted in Ukraine until some time in February (2013) so that means a year has not pasted so she is not available internationally. This is devastating because she has been in the orphanage for 6 years!  

Since she has graduated she is set to be transferred to a trade school on August 31. We knew this and originally asked the orphanage to let her stay until our appointment on September 9th and they agreed, but now that she isn't available for another 5 months they said there is no way they can keep her. We of course found out this information after we booked our flights so we are going to the DAP appointment anyway. We hope we can petition the court once in country.
According to our facilitator there is nothing we can do until February. The DAP appointment we have on September 9th is just a formality at this point and they will not give us her referral, they will just reschedule until February. We have an appointment with the US Embassy the same day to file the i600 (Petition to declare an orphan an immediate relative) because if it is not filed by November when she is 16 1/2 she will no longer be adoptable. We are also going to see if we can apply for some sort of visa for her to come to the US until February. As a last resort is we have contacted two Christian organizations to see if they can take her in until Feb. She will be transferring to a building construction trade school because the beauty/cooking one is full. 
We know that God's timing is always perfect, but that doesn't mean it's easy. Please keep us in your prayers!

Ukraine here we come


I received a phone call this morning from our state side helper with our appointment date.  I was so excited and overwhelmed at the same time.  Finally the date we've been waiting for, but now I've got some planning to do!  First move run downstairs and tell my husband who is "trying" to work and is on the phone why I'm jumping up and down in front of him.  Next I jump on the computer and start looking up flights.  We've decided to drive to New York since Jacob will be staying with family because the flights out of NY are more direct.  I call the travel agent and book the flights, it's so surreal...thought this day would never come!

So now that our application is approved, and we received an invitation to visit the DAP.  When we arrive in Ukraine, the DAP will show us Lera's file (very limited information about her I'm sure).  The DAP then issues a letter of referral to allow us visit the orphanage to meet and establish contact with the child. Along with the letter of referral, we will be given our documents, bound, numbered, sealed, and signed by an official in charge of the DAP, with a separate sheet specifying the number of pages and the prospective parents' registration file code.  Sounds very official!

Hurry up and wait

In order to adopt internationally you much submit a dossier (as known as a collection of documents). The following is a list of documents we need to provide the DAP in Ukraine.

  1. Petition asking to adopt specific child (CSP)
  2. Petition for adoption
  3. Petition for data processing
  4. Home study report – 2 originals
  5. Agency license – 2 copies
  6. Social worker's license –2 copies
  7. I-171H form (USCIS approval)
  8. Employment statement (husband)
  9. Employment statement (wife)
  10. Proof of home ownership (mortgage/rental documents and county assessor)
  11. Medical certificate (husband)
  12. Medical certificate (wife)
  13. Marriage certificate - 2 originals
  14. Passport copy (husband) - 4 originals
  15. Passport copy (wife) - 4 originals
  16. State Police clearance or FBI clearance (husband)
  17. State Police clearance or FBI clearance (wife)
  18. Letter of obligation - 2 originals
  19. Power of attorney- 5 originals
  20. Copy of Doctor’s License 
  21. Petition for Interpol - 2 originals
  22. 1040 tax form from previous year
  23. Name declarations – one each if needed
  24. POA one spouse to another- 2 originals, one each parent
Hand delivered by a RR family

Mailed via Fed Ex

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Livshin's Big Girl Shower

A very special thank you to my friend Amanda who threw us an AMAZING "Big Girl Shower"...

It's time to celebrate the Livshin's newest arrival! The Livshin family has submitted their dossier to Ukraine and is anxiously awaiting the news of a travel date to bring home their daughter Lera! We are so excited to have the chance to shower love, gifts, and support on Jamie as an expectant Mom of sweet 16 year old Lera.

Gigi's Cupcakes

It truly takes a village!

Monday, August 5, 2013

GoPlaySave Coupon Book Fundraiser


Our GoPlaySave Coupon Book Fundraiser runs August 1, 2013 - August 30, 2013

The GoPlaySave Coupon Book is a name change for the Citipass coupon books. The books are handy to have in your car to save money when eating out or attending local entertainment venues. In the coupon book there are many buy one get one free offers, so by using just one or two coupons the book pays for itself. 

Each GoPlaySave book is $30 and a portion of each book will be donated to help add to our adoption fund and bring us even closer to meeting our goal! 

  • Thousands of dollars in discounts from over 285 Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Garner & Apex-area merchants. 
  • Discounts include "Buy One Get One Free" and 50% Off 
  • Merchants include Restaurants, Fun Stuff & Shopping 
  • Long Shelf Life - Coupons expire December 30, 2014

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